North Korea severed diplomatic relations with Malaysia because of the United States

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North Korea severed diplomatic relations with Malaysia because of the United States

Kim Chen In

The North Korean authorities announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Malaysia. This was reported by the South Korean agency Ryonghap with reference to the state media of the DPRK.

The reason for the demarche was the decision of the Supreme Court of Malaysia to extradite a DPRK citizen suspected of money laundering to the United States. According to Washington, the defendant was involved in the transfer of luxury goods from Singapore to Pyongyang in violation of UN sanctions. The DPRK claims that the businessman was engaged in “legal foreign trade activities.”

“Malaysia committed a hostile act against the DPRK, obediently submitting to US pressure,” said Pyongyang. “The US will pay its due price as a behind-the-scenes manipulator and the main culprit in this incident.”

North Korea is subject to international sanctions, which, in particular, apply to the supply of luxury goods to the DPRK. Restrictions have been tightened several times after nuclear weapons tests in the DPRK. South Korean intelligence agencies claim that members of the country's leadership are the consumers of luxury goods in North Korea.

On March 16, the sister of the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Ye-jong, advised the US administration from the very beginning not to do stupid things, so that in the next four years, sleep peacefully. Kim Ye-jong strongly condemned the recent joint exercises of South Korea and the United States. She threatened that depending on the behavior of Seoul, the DPRK could eliminate all departments responsible for the dialogue between the Koreas, return to the same good relations as they were in the spring of 2018, regardless of how Seoul acts “at the behest of the owner”, it will be very not easy.

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