North Korea threatens nuclear weapons after military exercises in Washington and Seoul

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North Korea threatens nuclear weapons after Washington and Seoul military exercises

The United States and South Korea held their first joint air exercise over the Yellow Sea in 2023.

The DPRK said it was ready to use nuclear weapons after large-scale military exercises were held by the United States and South Korea earlier this week.

The corresponding statement was published by the DPRK Central News Agency (CTAC).

As noted, the open North Korean media called the joint exercises between Washington and Seoul an open provocation and stated that Pyongyang would give a “reaction”.

“The United States and its followers must never forget that their rival state in practice has the potential for a nuclear attack, as well as the characteristics of the people and the army of the DPRK, which do not make empty talk,” the message says.

< p>It is noteworthy that the first exercise Seoul and Washington held the first joint air exercise in 2023 over the Yellow Sea, which involved the American B-1B strategic bomber and F-22 and F-35B stealth fighters.

“It will be quite clear how the DPRK's nuclear weapons will be used if military deterrence does not work on rowdy people who are not afraid of nuclear weapons. They should think twice to really avoid disaster, and should remember that they will have to pay dearly for their rash actions,” – the KCNA comment says.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, during a visit to Seoul, announced the further deployment of Washington's advanced military assets in order to fulfill its obligations to ensure security in the region.

At that time, At the same time, construction of an experimental light water reactor is being completed at the complex, and new construction has begun around the uranium enrichment plant at this facility, which is likely to expand its capacity. Moreover, the North Korean media released photos of leader Kim Jong-in inspecting nuclear warheads.

Experts predict that this may indicate the progress of the DPRK nuclear program and a possible nuclear test.

Recall that in on the eve of North Korea accused Ukraine of “nuclear ambitions”.

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