Norway responded to Russia's desire to “return” part of the Barents Sea


Norway responded to Russia's desire to

Russians complain that Norway does not allow transporting products to Svalbard/Collage 24 channel

< strong _ngcontent-sc88="">The Russians do not abandon their imperial ambitions. It is not surprising that in the aggressor country they started talking about the “return” of part of the Barents Sea. Norway has already reacted to this.

Recall that the other day, Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the State Duma of Russia, gave instructions to parliamentarians. It concerns the revision of the Norwegian-Russian border agreement. That is, it concerns the possible “return” of part of the Barents Sea.

Russia may suspend the agreement with Norway

Sanctions imposed by the entire civilized world against Russia continue to operate. It is not surprising that they influence the territories controlled by the aggressor country far beyond its borders.

This was the reason for the appeal of the same Volodin to the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs. It says to revise the agreement signed between Russia and Norway.It essentially provided for a dividing line between the two countries. And this agreement may well be terminated or terminated. What can put an end to the cooperation of the countries in the Barents Sea.

Let us note that Mikhail Matveev was keenly interested in this issue. The communist deputy stressed that both countries had signed a corresponding agreement in order to strengthen cooperation. But the occupier complains, everything is quite the opposite.

“Now we see that Norway is preventing the delivery of food to our residents in Svalbard,” Matveev emphasized.

In Russia, they can terminate the agreement about the border between countries/NRK infographic

Norway hopes that Russia will not violate the agreement

Representative of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry Ani Haavardsdatter voiced a fair remark. She stressed that the corresponding agreement does not have a clause providing that it can be broken. She hopes that Russia will not violate what she herself signed.

It is a common practice for boundary agreements to last indefinitely. We hope that Russia will treat this with respect,” she said.

Unfortunately, we would not be so optimistic. We hope you do not need to be reminded of the illegally annexed Crimea, as well as the full-scale war that is going on now. In Russia, they absolutely wanted to sneeze at international law and violate all possible norms.

Note that the scandal between Norway and Russia erupted for a reason. The latter appeals to the violation of the Svalbard treaty. Like, the Russian settlement of this archipelago cannot receive food. But here, too, the reason is simple: sanctions. They suggest that Russian trucking companies cannot transport goods through Norway. So the trucks are parked at the Norwegian-Russian border.

The agreement may come to an end

Let us add that for 40 years Russia and Norway have been negotiating on the dividing line in the Barents Sea. It was only in 2010 that this issue was brought to an end. Then the sea section, which caused disputes among both states, was divided into two parts, approximately equal in area.

Recall that in early July, the Prime Minister of Norway arrived in Ukraine on an official visit. During a joint press conference with Vladimir Zelensky, Jonas Gahr Stere promised that the state would provide us with financial assistance in the amount of 1 billion euros. The funds will be used to support people in need, as well as the restoration of our country.

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