Not a “goodwill gesture”, but a “big retreat”: propaganda has come up with a new fairy tale about the events in Ukraine


Not a 'goodwill gesture', but a 'big retreat': propaganda invented a new fairy tale about events in Ukraine

The news from the front the last few days is so good for us, so much very bad for the invaders. Therefore, the propagandists decided to issue a new explanation for what was happening.

Russian propagandists, obviously, received new training manuals. “History lessons” are being held in Russia again, but not about the Second World War, but about the First.The propagandists decided to dig up history books somewhere and remembered that there was such an event as the First World War. Drawing parallels with it, the propagandists talk about the “great retreat” that took place in the Russian Empire in 1915, allegedly in exactly the same way as now with the occupiers in 2022.

However, the propagandists decided to please the Russians by the fact that allegedly not all is lost, and there will be revenge. They reinforce their wet dreams by the fact that a year after the “big retreat” the Russian army made the Brusilovsky breakthrough and regained some positions in the First World War.

Help. On June 4, 1916, the troops of the Russian Empire, under the leadership of General Alexei Brusilov, carried out an offensive operation against the positions of the German and Austrian troops on the Western Front. During the offensive, Russia regained some positions lost in 1915, but at the same time, some cities in Western Ukraine were destroyed.

And there is some bad news for the occupiers. We don't even know where to start. First of all, this is the fact that the Brusilovsky breakthrough was indeed the most successful operation of the Russians during the First World War, but it actually became the last operation. Then the Russian empire collapsed, and a civil war broke out in the country.

Well, one more bad news is that if we even remember the First World War, then first there was the Battle of Galicia in 1914, when Russian troops actually managed to achieve significant success. Therefore, the Brusilovsky breakthrough was aimed at regaining what Russia had lost in 1915. However, in 2022, Russia didn’t have the “Battle of Galicia” either, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been firmly on their soil since the first day of the invasion, so they can only dream of a “breakthrough”.

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