Not a single embargo: how Ukraine can punish Russia for the war


Not a unified embargo: how can Ukraine punish Russia for the war

Oil embargo is not the only way to put Russia in a stall/ZN.UA

We are obsessed with the big word “embargo” on Russian oil and stuck in an endless discussion about bans on Russian energy resources. At the same time, they forgot other ways to punish the Russians for the war in Europe on Ukrainian territory.

Why the mythical embargo is a trump card for Orban

The focus on an embargo that will not be introduced in any way becomes even harmful. This allowed Orban and Hungary to blackmail the EU and constantly raise the stakes of this “debate on blood”.

The fundamental thing for Orban is to take advantage of the situation and get as much money from the EU as possible. It is not only about funds for the construction of a new oil pipeline, but also about the release of other funds. Everything to “not destroy European unity”.

To the delight of the Russians, the European struggle around the embargo is also increasing oil and fuel prices – the market is nervous because of the uncertainty of the situation.

How to hit enemies with precision

income. For some reason, we stopped promoting Ukraine's proposal to accumulate funds for the sale of Russian energy resources on a separate escrow account. The idea did not find much support in the EU and hung in the air. If Ukraine does not promote this idea, then it will remain in the air.

We can also speak to Orban in a language he understands: the language of power. It's not a very diplomatic tactic, but you can't do it differently with predators.

Hungary complains about being dependent on the Druzhba oil pipeline. But, firstly, it already refused Russian oil when it was polluted with chlorine in 2019, and, secondly, this oil pipeline passes through Ukrainian territory, and there is a war in Ukraine, and our interest is in the soonest possible shutdown of all financial sources for Russia fueling this war. That is why all leverage is important, especially when it comes to putting pressure on Budapest.

Of course, there are other options that we have already proposed under our Energy Community presidency. Analytics for them has already been worked out, because without calculating all the “options” it is a simple waste of time and opportunities.

But further development and tactics are a matter that top management should decide. We only remind you of the possibilities we have.

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