Not a single surviving house: what remains of Popasna is a terrible video


Ni one surviving house: what's left of Popasna – creepy video

Not a single surviving house: what's left of Popasna – creepy video/Collage 24 channel

In Popasna, in the Lugansk region, not a single house survived after the Russian attacks. A video has been circulated online showing what happened to the city.

The footage, lasting less than a minute, is enough to give you an idea of ​​what Russia's “liberation” looks like. It was published on June 23 by journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky.

What Popasnaya looks like after the shelling

At the beginning, there is a residential building shelled from several sides . There were hits on the roof of the building and people's housing.

Not a single surviving house : creepy video left from Popasna

Terrible consequences of shelling in Popasna/Screenshot fires started by shells.

Not a single house survived : creepy video left from Popasnaya

A residential building in Popasna after Russian shelling/Screenshot

There was also a high-rise building smashed to smithereens in the video. Only the frame of the building remained from it, and everything else was embossed or burned out.

Not a single surviving house: what remains of Popasnaya – creepy video

Destroyed high-rise building in Popasna/Screenshot

Besides, there are dozens of smaller buildings on the video. Among them, there are even those where there is no longer a roof or part of the walls.

Not a single surviving house: what remains of Popasnaya – creepy video

Russian the army destroyed most of Popasna's houses/Screenshot

No whole building. They just came (the Russians – Channel 24) and destroyed the whole city, which lived a calm, peaceful life. The language of the crazy Russian imperials is called “help” and “liberation,” the author of the message summed up.

Popasnaya after the shelling of the Russian army: watch the video

Situation in Lugansk Oblast

On June 23, the head of the Lugansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai said that the enemy began to bring up the last reserves in order to take the region under control. Although it is extremely difficult for our defenders to keep the defense, this situation is a positive signal.

The official explained that the end of the forces that the enemy can accumulate indicates his significant weakening. Therefore, soon the offensive will be completely stopped. However, fierce positional battles will still continue. It should be noted that British intelligence also reported that in the coming months the Russian army would not be able to conduct an active offensive.

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