Not cannon fodder: militants in Donbass suddenly rebelled and do not want to fight


Not cannon fodder: militants in Donbass suddenly rebelled and don't want to fight

Colobrants don't want to fight in Luhansk region/Frame from video

The henchmen of the Russian invaders in the occupied Donbas decided to stage a riot. And they refuse to continue the war.

A video message from collaborators from the Donetsk region, who are fighting on the side of the Russian invaders in the war against Ukraine, has been published online. There they express their grievances against their Russian leadership.

It turned out that collaborators from the Donetsk region did not want to fight on the side of the Russians against Ukraine in the Lugansk region. But not because they have to confront the Ukrainians. They are more concerned that this is another so-called “republic” – after all, they are from the “DPR”, and they are sent to fight in the “LPR”. At the same time, they will not be there as a separate unit, but “voluntarily merge into the “Cossack” formations.”

In fact, they should fill in the gaps in terms of the number of soldiers they plan to deploy against the Ukrainians in the Lugansk region. It is there that the Russian invaders are now focusing their attention on the capture of Severodonetsk and Lisichanskaya with subsequent access to the administrative borders of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Indeed, due to the lack of manpower in this direction, the enemy cannot actively move forward. Protracted battles are now going on there.

The man in the video also says that all of them were illegally drafted into the ranks of collaborators – without an appropriate medical commission. Therefore, many of those who got to the front should not be there precisely because of their state of health. Also, they were not trained, and some of them saw machine guns for the first time in their lives already on the spot. None of them had any military experience.

It is worth noting that the Russian invaders threw these “mobilized” into one of the hottest areas – the capture of Mariupol. They stayed there for three months.

“We were thrown to the front lines in the front ranks. For three months we lived like homeless people with machine guns. And now they are trying to throw us into a meat grinder again,” the collaborator said.

< p> According to him, there are 204 people, whom they are trying to transfer to the Luhansk region. He fears that they are sent there as “cannon fodder”.

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