Not even a Pyrrhic victory: the Armed Forces of Ukraine told if Russia has at least some success near Bakhmut


Not even a Pyrrhic victory: the Ukrainian Armed Forces told if Russia has any success under Bakhmut

APU is holding back the Russian military near Bakhmut, where fierce fighting is taking place. The invaders are losing personnel and equipment every day in order to capture Bakhmut.

Speaker of the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergey Cherevaty commented on the words of his colleague from the US Department of Defense Patrick Ryder during the telethon. The latter said that the Russians are gradually succeeding in the Bakhmut direction.

A hundred invaders were destroyed near Bakhmut in a day

Cherevaty said that Bakhmut is the most tense section of the front. According to him, only during this day in the Bakhmut direction there were 266 shellings of all types of artillery, MLRS, tanks.

In addition, he said that there were more than 15 combat contacts near Bakhmut, as a result of which a hundred occupiers were liquidated and another 200 were injured.

The speaker said that there was a flexible front near Bakhmut. That is, with such a large dynamics of battles, sometimes it is more reasonable for units to retreat and regroup in order to then conduct military operations, and not like the Russians.

Cherevaty stressed that the Russians often thoughtlessly abandon people and lose their equipment and personnel, but they have several tens of meters as an achievement.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to prevent the invaders from breaking through

He said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are mobile and intelligent defense. Our warriors do everything to inflict maximum losses on the enemy and minimize their own.

In particular, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to prevent a systemic breakthrough by the enemy. That is, so that the Russians would not go behind the lines, could not cordon off our units, could not move on, enter the operational space and not occupy other settlements.

According to Cherevaty, it is even impossible to talk about the so-called successes of Russia say it's a Pyrrhic victory. He stressed that the Russians are champions in anti-records, when for the sake of several tens of meters they lose a lot of people and equipment.

In particular, the speaker drew attention to the losses of the enemy over the past day, as reported by the General Staff. The Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated another 550 invaders. This, as Cherevaty emphasized, is a whole battalion. The speaker added that Russia mainly suffers losses on the eastern front.

In conclusion, Cherevaty said that Russia near Bakhmut does not achieve either a global or tactical goal in the war.

If you cannot take the district center for 6 months, then what kind of success can we talk about,” he said.

What else is known about the situation near Bakhmut

  • Russia has been trying to capture Bakhmut since May. Cherevaty said that sometimes the invaders break through on the outskirts of Bakhmut, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine knock out the Russians and prevent them from breaking through the defenses.
  • British intelligence informed that the capture of the city requires a high level of army training and excellent leadership. However, such characteristics are unlikely to apply to the Wagnerites and the Russians mobilized fighting there.
  • President Vladimir Zelensky visited Bakhmut. During his visit, the shelling of Bakhmut did not stop.
  • After Bakhmut, Zelensky went to the United States. From Washington, as Zelensky said, he is bringing a “solution” for our military in Bakhmut.

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