“Not for attacks on the territory of Russia”: Ignat explained why Ukraine needs F-16 fighters


Ukraine seeks to receive F-16 multipurpose fighters from Western partners. This is the most common aircraft of its class in the world and meets the needs of Ukraine.

Yuriy Ignat, speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said this in an exclusive interview with Channel 24 . He said the air force needed to focus on a single type of F-16 multipurpose aircraft.

F-16 will strengthen the air defense of Ukraine

The representative of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained that Ukraine needs the F-16 aircraft first of all to repel the rocket attacks of the occupiers.

We need such aircraft primarily to protect against Russian terrorist missile attacks on our cities and critical infrastructure. They will become a significant component of the overall air defense,” Ignat said.

He explained that MiG and Su aircraft, which Ukraine has, cannot effectively shoot down cruise missiles and Shahids. At the same time, F-16 fighters with powerful radar and modern missiles, Ignat says, will make it possible to shoot down these targets effectively.

F-16s will push back enemy aircraft

Ignat said that the Russians on the line of combat clashes began to use gliding corrected aerial bombs weighing 1,500 kilograms. According to him, Russian planes launch these bombs tens of kilometers from the line of combat collision and do not enter the zone of destruction of our air defense.

Long-range anti-aircraft missile systems, which should come to Ukraine, and then in small numbers, can counter these threats. And also modern multirole fighters, using air-to-air missiles like AIM-120 AMRAAM,” the speaker said.

He noted that one of the modifications of the AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles can receive air targets at a distance of up to 180 kilometers.

“Such weapons would quickly help distance Russian aviation away from our borders and we could save our cities and villages from Russian bombing,” Ignat added.

F-16 – has a wide range of weapons

In addition, as Ignat emphasized, the F-16 is a platform that has a wide range of weapons that can deliver powerful strikes against ground targets, and even sea ones.

We need an aircraft with long-range weapons that can effectively launch HARM missiles, launch modern ammunition of various types in service with NATO countries. These are very good missiles, guided aerial bombs and other weapons,” said the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He noted that Ukraine does not need F-16s to attack Russian territory with them. Ukraine seeks to liberate its territories, in particular Donbass and Crimea.

“F-16s are now available in some countries that are now being re-equipped with even newer aircraft. But it is clear that it is the United States that must give permission to transfer F-16s from any country, even if they don’t transfer their aircraft. It’s like with the transfer of tanks “Leopard”, – summed up Ignat.

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