Not HIMARS alone: ​​friends of Ukraine have prepared another hellish “surprise” for the occupiers


Not HIMARS alone: ​​friends of Ukraine have prepared another hellish "surprise" for the occupiers

Ukraine will be able to knock out Russian invaders not only HIMARS MLRS/Wikipedia multiple launch rocket systems? In the media, only the indicated number of four HIMARS units walks, putting many into dissonance and a dead end. Further – in an exclusive blog for the channel 24 website.

HIMARS' “twin” will also be in Ukraine

Yes, indeed, many people paid attention to precisely this number of M142 HIMARS systems announced for transfer to Ukraine. It would seem that only four units is a joke? No, not a joke. And you need to understand how much.

First of all, the media very often recall the famous M142 HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, but much less often about the M270. But this is actually the same launcher, just on different chassis and with the number of rechargeable packages.

The M270 is a multiple launch rocket system on the M2 Bradley tracked chassis with two launchers for six rocket launchers each (12 missiles in total) or one tactical missile (two tactical missiles in total). M142 HIMARS is a similar multiple launch rocket system, but on the wheeled chassis of the M1140 tactical truck with one 6/1 launcher, respectively.

And here is the most interesting. When they started talking about the transfer of data from multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine, they really indicated only four M142 HIMARS units. They also mentioned the transfer of four M270 multiple launch rocket systems from Great Britain, four from Germany, and in the American press both M142 and M270 are mentioned as transfers.

As you can see, nothing is clear, in addition, that there will be more than four complexes themselves, but how many, from whom and when? Probably, this is inappropriate information for open access, and therefore no specifics.

The occupiers will feel the difference

But even if we talk about such a limited number of multiple launch rocket systems, what will they give us even in such a quantity?

Let me remind you that these systems are high-precision, with a deviation from the target of no more than 5 meters and long-range – 70 kilometers damage range. In the US Army, they are called the 70-kilometer sniper rifle.

Let's consider a specific example. To date, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have come close to the settlement of Kozachya Lopan, which is near the Russian border, and the Russian invaders do not intend to leave this settlement without a fight. For them, this is the last frontier before a complete loss of control north of Kharkov.

On the other hand, the deployment of, for example, the M270 in the Kharkov region would allow precision strikes against the occupiers' targets, their positions and warehouses, in order to simplify to the advanced units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine the task of liberating this settlement.

In fact, the M270 battery with a periodic change of position in order to avoid return fire and the fire potential of a volley of 48 rocket munitions, within a day, would solve the issue of the defense capability of the invaders in Kozachi Lopan.

Similarly, from the Kharkov region, this battery will be able to work out targets in the area Balakleya, Izyum and other temporarily occupied settlements.

This I considered only one of the options for using these systems at an early stage with a maximum security buffer, tens of kilometers from the front line.

That is, even in a small amount, these systems will be able to quite effectively influence certain areas. Not the front as a whole, but the directions. And these batteries will not be superfluous either on the Kharkov bridgehead or Kherson. But whether this will be the last delivery – no.

The intrigue will be kept until victory

We must perfectly understand that the share of information that we receive and that we have the opportunity to discuss openly does not correspond to its real completeness .

In my humble opinion, we need at least 80 M270 multiple rocket launchers to provide round-the-clock pressure on all combat bases around the clock. It is the M270. More is possible.

Do Ukraine's international partners understand this? I'm sure they understand. But what real decisions will be made on this matter, we will not know soon in the real information flow either. trouble start. Moreover, the trouble is precisely with those units of the occupiers, for which they will be applied.

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