Not in the interests of Ukraine – the White House dotted the “and” on the issue of a ceasefire


Not in the interests of Ukraine - the White House dotted the

The United States does not support the idea of a ceasefire in Ukraine and a temporary postponement of the issue of territorial borders. The White House emphasized that only Russia would benefit from this.

This was stated by the coordinator for strategic communications of the White House National Security Council, John Kirby. He commented on the view that if a cease-fire could temporarily postpone the issue of territorial boundaries, then it might be acceptable.

A ceasefire should not secure new territories for Russia

Kirby stressed that this “does not meet the interests of Ukraine, the interests of the whole world, the interests of the UN Charter.” In addition, he noted that this would be a violation of the UN Charter.

The White House spokesman recalled the so-called “peace plan” of China, which refers to respect for sovereignty. At the same time, Kirby pointed out that the ceasefire should not secure new territories for Russia.

Look at the first paragraph of China's proposals. It says that they stand for respect for sovereignty. And you know what? We agree with this, everyone should agree with this. But if you want sovereignty to be respected, then you will not call for a ceasefire that secures Russia's heritage and leaves everything as it is, to the detriment of the Ukrainian people,” he said.

What is known about China's peace plan

  • China at the Munich Security Conference announced its plan for a peaceful settlement of the war in Ukraine. The Chinese proposal for a peaceful settlement of the war is about the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.
  • However, China does not say anything about the withdrawal of the Russian military from Ukraine, and also states that “the legitimate interests of all states in the field of security” should be taken into account.
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy commented on China's “peace plan” and noted the positive, because Beijing began to show its position on the war. Zelensky said that some points of the plan could be used for Ukraine.
  • Soon, Chinese leader Xi Jinping will arrive in Moscow, where he will meet with President Vladimir Putin. The meeting between the leaders of Russia and China will take place after the Hague court announced a warrant for the arrest of Putin.
  • After that, Xi Jinping plans to talk to Vladimir Zelensky for the first time since a full-scale war.

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