Not only armored vehicles, – Ignat told what Ukraine needs for success on earth


Not only armored vehicles, - Ignat told what Ukraine needs for success on earth

Ukraine at the beginning of 2023 reached agreements with partners on the supply of armored vehicles. But this is not enough for successful operations.

This was stated on the air of the telethon by the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Ignat, writes Channel 24 . According to him, for success in ground operations, Ukraine needs not only armored vehicles and ammunition, but also a closed sky, that is, modern aviation.

Ignat is sure that Ukraine will receive aviation

Ignat is convinced that Ukraine will receive aviation, because partners are providing military assistance in stages.

The fact that Ukraine will have wings is, perhaps, no one doubts this. It will be gradual, gradual. Strengthening artillery, strengthening infantry – all this should be in parallel. It is impossible to succeed in a ground operation without reliable air cover, without reliable air defenses,” he said.

Ignat noted that Russian aviation, launching bombs, sweeps away Ukrainian cities from the ground. As an example, he cited Mariupol destroyed by the occupiers. He noted that Ukraine physically could not contain enemy aircraft.

“We didn’t have Mariupol covered, because the territory was already occupied from that side. There was nothing to get the planes that bombed Azovstal. Look what happened from the air bombs,” the Air Force speaker explained.

Why Ukraine needs fighters

  • As you know, Ukraine seeks to receive the American multi-role fighter F-16. This is one of the most common military aircraft in the world, which is in service with many European countries.
  • The F-16 will help Ukraine solve many problems in the war with Russia, including closing the airspace. Ukraine needs this aircraft for defense.
  • Yuri Ignat said that the F-16 fighter could solve the problem of Russian launch vehicles in the Black Sea. The fighter can be part of an air defense, that is, to shoot down missiles flying at our critical infrastructure.
  • Ignat explained that the fighter could cover areas where we do not have anti-aircraft forces and means. Also, the F-16 can deliver missile and bomb strikes at a great distance.
  • The supply of F-16 in Ukraine depends on the United States. It is known that US President Joe Biden said that America would not supply fighter jets to Ukraine. However, he did not specify whether this applies to re-exports.

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