Not only ATACMS: Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suggested what options for long-range weapons the United States can provide


Not only ATACMS: Armed Forces colonel suggested what long-range weapon options the US can provide< /p>

Recently, in an interview with the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, said that Ukraine would not receive ATACMS missiles. Like, there are not enough of them in the USA, and the country should make sure that there is a sufficient supply. At the same time, other options are being considered. Probably, these could be SCALP-type cruise missiles.

This was announced on the airChannel 24 by a military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, pilot-instructor Roman Svitan. He noted the main advantages of cruise missiles of the SCALP type, or Storm Shadow as they are also called.

The best option is cruise missiles

Better than ATACMS can only be PrSM missiles for HIMARS. If the former have a range of up to 300 kilometers, then the latter – up to 500 kilometers. PrSM carry a new high-explosive fragmentation type warhead. However, they are unlikely to be handed over to Ukraine, the military expert believes. Most likely, these will be certain cruise missiles, or drones.

“Attack reconnaissance drones, or the same kamikaze. The best option is cruise missiles like SCALP, Storm Shadow, they are also called if it is a British version”, – the expert noted.

Roman Svitan about weapons for Ukraine: watch the video

SCALP Advantages

This is an aviation cruise missile, which, it seems, can be adapted for the Ukrainian Su-24 bomber. Its flight range is more than 250 kilometers, its altitude is from 30 to 40 meters, and its speed is up to 1000 kilometers per hour.

If enough of them are given to us, then they will perform the same tasks as ATACMS. And in some ways even better. Some modifications of these missiles go up to 500 – 600 km. We can work with them. There are certain launch systems of both air and ground types. I think this is a good replacement for ATACMS,” said Roman Svitan.

He also added that the decision not to transfer ATACMS is connected with any likely US political agreements with other countries.

Weapons for Ukraine: important

  • To liberate the territories of Ukraine, it is in dire need of powerful missile weapons: from missiles for HIMARS to tank shells
  • For a counteroffensive Ukraine needs equipment, including Leopard tanks, which are significantly superior to Russian models. Armored vehicles have also already been handed over to Ukraine. Stryker and Cougar, which are designed to transport motorized infantry units to the battlefield.
  • Soon, Ukraine should receive SAMP/T air defense systems from France and Italy, which will make it possible to neutralize Russian missiles that have not yet hit air defense. Meanwhile, Czech volunteers have purchased 15 MR-2 Viktor air defense systems for Ukraine, which will help block the skies from enemy kamikaze drones.

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