Not only Bayraktars: Lithuania bought Ukraine four more drones


Not only

Lithuania bought Ukraine four more drones/Channel 24 collage =””>Lithuania will once again provide military assistance to Ukraine, which is defending its territory from Russian invaders. After Bayraktar, Lithuania decided to purchase EOS C VTOL drones for Ukraine.

Lithuania bought 6 drones for almost 1 million euros

Lithuanian TV presenter Andrius Tapinas said that for Ukraine acquired six modern EOS C VTOL drones. It is reported that in the near future the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive four aircraft.

According to Tapinas, the total cost of the six Estonian-made reconnaissance drones was 990 thousand euros.

We have just bought 4 more modern Estonian-made EOS C VTOL reconnaissance drones, which we called Magyla , for an additional 660,000 euros. The total cost is €990,000,” Tapinas tweeted.

The TV presenter noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive the other two drones in two months. The Lithuanian public figure noticed that the drones were called Magyla. This is the name of an old Lithuanian goddess of doom.

EOS C VTOL features

  • These drones are able to take off and land like a copter and behave like a normal aircraft during flight. The maximum flight range is 120 km.
  • Reconnaissance aircraft can reach a maximum speed of 107 kilometers per hour. EOS C VTOL are equipped with a quiet engine and are able to withstand strong gusts of wind.

Help from Lithuania

  • TV presenter from Lithuania Andrius Tapinas announced on May 25 a fundraiser for Bayraktar to purchase it for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • In just 3 days, he managed to raise the entire amount of money. In three days, Tapinas managed to raise 5 million euros to acquire Bayraktar.
  • Tapinas emphasized that he had agreed the acquisition of Bayraktar with the Lithuanian and Turkish defense ministries, as well as with the drone manufacturer.
  • In May, it was reported that Tapinas' project Laisvės TV had already donated 62,000 euros to Ukraine.

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