Not only Catherine II: what other imperial monuments in Odessa need to be demolished


Not only Catherine II: what other imperial monuments in Odessa should be demolished

Disputes over the future of the monument to Catherine II do not subside in Odessa. However, there are quite a few sights in the city that need to get rid of.

About this Channel 24said a public figure from Odessa and an activist of “Automaidan” Artak Grigoryan. According to him, there are many monuments in the city that need to be decommunized or given a new content.

What imperial monuments are still in Odessa

Grigoryan noted that, in general, in Ukraine, activists create a short list of sights that need to be demolished. As for Odessa, it is not yet fully developed, because there is a lot of work there.

If we are talking about Odessa, then we have a lot of such places. For example, we have an Alexandrian pillar, which stands near Shevchenko Park, it used to be Suvorov's, – the public figure said.

Also, according to him, there are many streets in Odessa. For example, one of the main avenues is called Aleksandrovsky. Although even in Soviet times it was Mira Avenue.

I think it should be called Svoboda Avenue. And it will be good,” Grigoryan stressed.

In addition, he added, the city has an April 10 square and an image of Lenin that needs to be removed.

Imperial monuments in Odessa that need to be demolished: watch the video

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Grigoryan stressed that there are many monuments in Odessa that need to be decommunized somehow or given a new content.

Because the buildings, for example, Pushkin, de Richelieu, Deribas, are also imperial heritage. But we understand that even the pro-Ukrainian forces that are in Odessa are against destroying deribas and de richelieu now, but we need to give this some new content, – he said.

That is, he added activist, you need to look for something in them that was previously unexplored, so that it is pro-Ukrainian, and then there will be no more questions about it.

The situation around the monument to Catherine II: what is known

  • A petition has been registered on the website of the President of Ukraine. People offered to demolish the monument to Catherine II, whom Russian propagandists call the founder of Odessa.
  • In about 2 months, she collected almost 26.5 thousand votes. President Volodymyr Zelensky has responded to a petition from a caring Ukrainian.
  • The mayor of the city is trying to preserve the monument to Catherine II. Gennady Trukhanov said that consultations with the residents of the city are ongoing in the format of an Internet conference. Based on its results, the main positions for voting will be formed.

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