Not only Germany: who plans to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine


Not only Germany: who plans to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Poland, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries are ready to transfer the long-awaited Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. They are literally waiting for the “green light” from Germany to transfer technology.

In total, as a result of the Ramstein meeting, 12 countries agreed that they would transfer about 100 Leopard tanks to Ukraine.Channel 24 has collected everything that is known about the number of countries ready to transfer tanks.

Poland and Finland officially invited approval

Poland and Finland have already officially announced their intention to provide Ukraine with their Leopard 2 tanks. Warsaw has already sent a corresponding request for more than 10 tanks, its approval is expected on January 25, that is, tomorrow.

Pay attention!It is expected that on the same day Germany will announce the delivery of Leopard, satisfying the requests of Poland for the transfer of tanks available in Warsaw, and sending their own tanks.

Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark are ready to transfer part of their tanks, they also need consent for this Germany, as a country where the corresponding military equipment is produced.

In particular, the German government must approve an export license if countries want to supply their tanks to third countries such as Ukraine.

Germany will donate a company of tanks

< p>Spiegel reported tonight that Germany will grant export permits, including for Scandinavian countries.

The number of Leopard tanks that Germany itself can transfer is at least a company of tanks. Thus, Bloomberg previously reported that, if agreed, the German government would agree to the transfer of 14 Leopard tanks.

How much Scandinavian countries can transfer

The Netherlands is considering the possibility of buying 18 Leopard 2 tanks leased in Germany and then transferring them to Ukraine. This was stated by Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte.

While Norway plans to transfer 8 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Note that 52 Leopard 2A4NO units are in service in Norway, of which only 36 are in active operation , and the rest – 16 in storage.

Abrams tanks from the United States

Today, Politico also reported that the Biden administration is considering sending 30-50 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

< p>The announcement of the transfer of Abrams is part of the agreements with Germany, for its part, it will agree to transfer its Leopard tanks to Ukraine, and will also give the green light to the supply of Leopards by other countries.

Important! This morning, 24 January, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that countries “can prepare” Leopard tanks for transfer to Ukraine, because “there will be a decision soon.”

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