Not only offensive words: two Ukrainian women were attacked in Germany


Not only offensive words: two Ukrainian women were attacked in Germany

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">Russians remain themselves even when they break out into civilization. Once again, they proved it in Germany, at a metro station in Berlin.

There, at the Alexanderplatz station, in the afternoon, Russian-speaking men clung to two Ukrainian women aged 24 and 25. First they began to insult women.

Not only insulting words

And then they resorted to brute force. As the German police reported, after getting off the train, one of the men grabbed the 24-year-old girl by the hair and hit her on the head.

24-year-old girl noticed a headache, but she didn’t seek medical help,” the police spokesman said.

And only when the witness intervened, the three men fled the scene.

The publication reported that after the attack on two Ukrainian women, the Berlin agency State Security is investigating allegations of bodily harm and insult.

There may be consequences for such behavior

Note that in Germany there have already been cases of inappropriate behavior of immigrants From Russia. Probably one of the brightest of them is Yulia Prokhorova, who allowed herself to mock Ukrainian refugees. She did this constantly, publicly and loudly, and she herself published her actions on tiktok. Moreover, she had the brains to do this while in Germany illegally.

She hoped, probably, to gather an audience from the same inadequate ones with cheap pro-Kremlin hype. However, she did not take into account that in the civilized world such behavior is condemned. Therefore, she received not only fans of her “creativity”, but also deportation back “to the swamps”.

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