Not only the West: Ukraine provides the Armed Forces of Ukraine with scarce weapons


Not only the West: Ukraine provides the Armed Forces with scarce weapons

At the Ramstein press conference, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, while everyone was cursing the Germans, said: “You can always do better” .

Ukrainian mine, which is the basis of the infantry

I found it better – an 82-caliber mine, which is produced in Ukraine. Geographically, it is produced abroad. I assume that in Hungary. However, this is not known for sure.

It is important that this is a Ukrainian product. Previously, such a mine has always been in short supply. Perhaps not as much as 120-caliber mines. However, this is a really cool thing that forms the basis of infantry units. There is nowhere without this mine.

The fact that we make them ourselves at our own production facilities abroad and by Ukrainian hands is very important. After the war, all this will return home, because it is Ukrainian property and Ukrainian cartridges.

NATO infantry mortars are made in 81 caliber. So why is the Ukrainian mine 82 caliber and not 81 caliber? But because our old Soviet stocks require just such weapons.

Ukraine needs to focus on its own weapons

My friend from the 10th mountain assault brigade once said that they did not have enough mines of all calibers. I hope we never hear this again. It is important to understand that even now our state can provide the Ukrainian army with 82-caliber caliber by 100%.

The range of this mine is 4.5 thousand meters. There are drones that can lift 6 mines at once and take them to the heads of the invaders. Therefore, I thank those who do this.

By the way, those who write that the fragments of this weapon can only tear a jacket are idiots who have never been where it takes off.

You can talk as much as you like about this mine, but the criterion will still be the same – the presence of this weapon in the army. We need to focus on our own weapons. War is a complex thing.

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