Not preparing to defend, – Sheitelman is sure that Putin does not understand the situation at the front


I didn't prepare to defend myself, – Sheitelman is sure that Putin does not understand the situation at the front

In Russia, there is no comment on the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the occupied territories. This is because the Kremlin did not expect such a development of events.

This opinion Channel 24 was expressed by political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman. According to him, Putin does not even suspect what is happening at the front in Ukraine.

Putin does not understand the position of his army

Sheitelman drew analogies with Stalin, who during the Second World War did not know about the defense of the Brest Fortress in Belarus.

Stalin believed that the Brest Fortress appeared to the Nazi troops on the very first day. In fact, the garrison of the fortress defended for 2 months. This fact reached Stalin only in 1943-1944, when the Soviet troops seized the German archives. – said the political strategist.

According to him, now the Russian dictator is also does not have information about the real situation of his troops on the battlefield in Ukraine.

The Russian dictator did not prepare for defense

Besides , the head of the Kremlin does not know how to react to his defeats and cannot decide how to act in the current situation.

Putin did not prepare for defense. And for such a situation, you need to prepare for a long time and think through all the steps forward. This is very important,” Sheitelman emphasized.

In Russia, they do not know what to do because of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The political strategist named the shortcomings of Russia that prevent it from taking any steps to get out of a difficult situation.

Ukraine acts according to NATO standards. We can rely on how certain armies operate in similar situations. We have many allies. But all this is not in Russia, – said Sheitelman.

He added that another problem of the President of Russia is the inability to make decisions quickly.

“Putin is not able to think so quickly, he simply does not know how to do it,” the political strategist noted.

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Russia is losing the war in Ukraine: the main thing

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine are making an offensive in several sectors of the front. Russian generals don't know how to report failures at the front.
  • According to Yevgeny Karas, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian military is beginning to criticize the authorities in Moscow because of failures at the front. Under the “strike” is not only the highest military command, but also the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin.
  • A group of Russian deputies from St. Petersburg decided to condemn the war in Ukraine. In an official appeal to the State Duma, they pointed out that the Kremlin dictator should be removed from power “in connection with high treason.” They say that the president's decision to launch a “special military operation” harms the security of Russia and its citizens.

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