Not the best contingent, – Zhdanov suggested when Russia will send mobilized to the front


Not the best contingent, – Zhdanov guessed when Russia would send the mobilized to the front< /p>

For almost 7 months of a full-scale war, Russia has almost exhausted its reserves of people with military experience. Now they will recruit everyone. There will be a not too prepared contingent.

Such an opinion Channel 24said military expert Oleg Zhdanov. According to him, the occupiers have been conducting covert mobilization for almost half a year.

Almost everyone who had real combat experience and was part of the operational reserve has already tried to recruit for the war. Therefore, it is very doubtful that they will find really combat-ready men.

Remember when we talked about BARK (combat active reserve of the country; in Russian – BARS – channel 24). These are their reservists. They have already slaughtered everyone they could and persuaded to sign a contract. Only those who resisted the Russian recruiters remained there. Therefore, they row everyone,” Zhdanov noted.

Even from the video, it is clear that it is not young people who go to the Russian military registration and enlistment offices, but elderly people who have received summons for various reasons. Such interesting videos came from Buryatia and Yakutia. Zhdanov notes that these measures should be taken as a general mobilization in Russia.

After combat training, new “mobiles” may appear at the front in three months . But they will not be properly prepared.

“No matter how much they go through well-coordinated affairs, the fact is that after 40 years a person has health problems. And it is difficult to withstand such loads. They will not be kept in warm barracks, but in field camps. And Russia is located to the north, winters there colder. Such conditions, age, existing diseases… The contingent will not be the best there. Its quality will be very low“, Zhdanov noted.

Why are some European countries ready to let Russians fleeing mobilization

Europe does not have a clear position on Russians who want to avoid mobilization. For example, in the Baltic countries it is clearly statedthat they will not issue visas to such citizens. The Minister of the Interior of Estonia, Lauri Laanemets, spoke with particular interest. He called Russia's invasion of Ukraine “the collective responsibility of Russian citizens” and expressed the hope that this would exacerbate dissatisfaction (with the authorities – Channel 24) among the Russian population. However, Germany is ready to accept such Russians.

According to Zhdanov, some European countries will act here pragmatically enough for themselves. Previously, rather wealthy Russians traveled to Europe. Therefore, it is beneficial for them to bring people into the country who will spend money.

Russians have always come to Europe and other countries with money – as tourists, for shopping. Therefore, they expect that wealthy people with money will come. Who can afford to buy a ticket to the EU? Only a man with money. They are counting on this, Zhdanov believes.

Mobilization in Russia: the main thing

  • In his speech on September 21, Russian dictator Putin announced the so-called “partial mobilization” in Russia. They plan to draft 300,000 reservists into the army. Already in the first wave, infidels are going to mobilize men under 35.
  • Although, according to Russian media, the secret clause of Putin's decree refers to a million mobilized.
  • 24 channel figured out the decree Putin together with a lawyer . The expert explained that the status of “shared” mobilization is extremely doubtful . After all, the wording that was used in the decree, in fact, has no restrictions. This could allow anyone to be mobilized.
  • British intelligence notes that Putin is taking a risk by announcing mobilization. In all likelihood, the Russian army will not pull out such a number of recruits due to problems with logistics and other administrative difficulties.

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