Not Zelensky's speeches: what really affects the supply of weapons to Ukraine


Not Zelensky's speech: what really affects arms supplies to Ukraine

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">When tanks were not given, the search began for the guilty among our own. They say that Vladimir Zelensky somehow asked the wrong way, not then, not with those words. It doesn't have to be like this.

The United States is the main lobbyist for Ukraine in the world

Firstly, because we don’t have another president and will not be until the end of the war. And secondly, because such claims have no basis.

If we really were given weapons depending on what Zelensky says, we would not get even a tenth of what we have now. For our main donor and unrestrained lobbyist, knocking out weapons for us from the whole world, is the USA.

The same USA, where Joe Biden is president. The same Biden against whom Zelensky “conspired” with Donald Trump before the US elections.

If everything was as some say, and help depended on Zelensky’s actions, this diplomatic fakap of the President of Ukraine would stupidly cross out everything. It is unlikely that Biden was eager to help someone who worked hard to defeat him in the elections.

But, thank God, US interests are not Biden's interests. Therefore, Biden himself put a smile on his face and went to shake hands with the recent “offender” and supply weapons.

The world helps itself, not Ukraine

Now, once again, spell it out: with its military assistance, the world does not help Ukraine, but itself!

This is not a pretty metaphor, but a fact clearly understood by all helping governments. When Denmark hands over all 18 CAESARs it has in service, it's not because Denmark is so generous. The reason is that the Danish army's CAESAR is a very small price to pay for Russians being stopped in Ukraine and not in Denmark.

That is why arms supplies will never stop. The more we need, the more powerful it will be.

Zelensky's speeches may affect supplies, but this is a short-term and insignificant impact. Speaking in a strategic dimension, so that Zelensky does not say good or bad for our partners, they will supply weapons in the same way as they did. Because they supply for themselves, not for Zelensky.

The Germans need time to cope with fear

Germany refused to supply Leopard not because what Zelensky said in an interview: “Give me the tanks!”. But because in the event that Vladimir Putin does finally go crazy, nuclear missiles can also fly to Germany. Yes, the probability of this is low, but it exists, and it is quite real.

So, ask yourself the question, are you ready to help your neighbors if it threatens you with a nuclear bomb? I'm sure the Germans will give tanks. They just need a little time to stop being afraid.

The supply of heavy weapons, aircraft, long-range missiles will occur regardless of any statements from Ukraine. Questions of our defense capability are supervised in Washington. Thank God there are adults there. Because no matter what we do here, while the APU is fighting, they will have all the support they can.

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