Nothing has been decided yet: the threat to the existence of Ukraine has not gone away


Nothing has been decided yet: the threat to the existence of Ukraine has not gone away

The war is near, very close/Getty Images

The problem is that tomorrow you can open Facebook and read about each of the friends – “died”. And I don't know why not everyone is aware of this yet. I don't know why it's treasonous or surprising that the Russians have moved on to trying to attack Kharkov again. Who told you that it's all over?

Russia will not back down

Will there be attempts to cordon off Kharkov? Yes, they will. Will there be attempts to push back on Kyiv? Yes, they will. Will there be attempts to seize Odessa and cut off Ukraine from the sea forever? Yes, they will.

Will there be attempts to attack Zaporozhye and Nikolaev? Will offensives continue in Donetsk and Luhansk regions? Yes. Push through the Izyum direction, so that, having embraced Kharkov, go to the Dnieper? Yes. Yes! All this is true!

We are fighting a state with an almost limitless resource in people. With a state that has tenfold advantages in guns, tanks, and aircraft. Not to mention rockets or shells from Russian guns.

Who told you…

Who told you that something has already stopped or even ended? Pseudo-experts who started talking about the fact that someone is fighting ineffectively? Or those uncles and aunts who began to measure political members? Or who? Someone from the military said: “That's it, that's it, come back home, we won the war?”

What makes you think that? Orchard mayors in the east say it's okay to go back? Truth? Are they in control? Are they interested in the question beyond the exit sign?

Terekhov said that the city was being restored and that it was necessary to return? Who needs? To you? So what? To see that nothing works? Not a single bridge-forming industry works. The industry is not working. Trading doesn't work. The field of education does not work. Coffee, hairdressers, nails, eyebrows and everything around students and teachers also does not work.

When will it work? No one knows. Because the war. Terekhov needs people to come back. Because the city has no money. The state has no money. We live on the money that the foreign community gives us. And for this, the city authorities need to show that there are already a lot of people, give a lot of money for restoration. But the war is near. It's just around the corner.

City paints lampposts on avenues to keep workers busy and absorb money.

But who can give you security guarantees? APU? And what did the Armed Forces of Ukraine already say that we broke the back of the enemy? Have you heard enough of piz*uns at the telethon, whose war was supposed to end a month ago, and missiles two months ago?

What to do?

I don't know. Live in a state of war. For we live in a state of war. None of us have that experience. And no one had. No one in the world has such experience. For no one in the world has fought like this since World War II. And it was a completely different war. And this must be understood. Yes, as it was, it will not be. Never. And the war, it is near. Now. And no one will tell you how and what to do and how to live. Because no one knows.

Just remember that we are holding back the enemy who has the greater resource. We are still holding him back. We still do not have enough weapons and ammunition. I'll tell you more – we cleaned up the stocks of all the allies so-so well. And everyone is ordering now because we have selected their stocks. And the front line is still moving towards us. With vibrations and ebbs. With pauses and regrouping of the enemy.

But still nothing is clear. We are still on the edge. We are still preparing for street fights in cities with a population of over a million. And every day may not be the next day for any of us. Nothing has been decided yet. Nothing is clear yet. And there is still a threat to the existence of the state.

And why everyone forgets about it so easily, I just wonder. That's honest. There is no past today. There is no future today. Moreover, no political future. There is only today. Where you just need to plow to the front and win. Who can only. There is only the Armed Forces of Ukraine today, on which tomorrow depends. Well, it's simple. Scary. But simple.

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