Nothing special happened, diplomat on Russia's withdrawal from nuclear weapons deal


Nothing special happened – diplomat about Russia's withdrawal from the nuclear weapons agreement

Russia has decided to suspend participation in the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty, which limits the number of nuclear warheads. This is another destructive step on the part of Putin. But it won't change much.

About itChannel 24said the Ukrainian diplomat, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States in 2010-2015 Oleksandr Motsyk. According to him, this move from Putin is aimed at whipping up hysteria and blackmail. But nothing much happened. Russia simply suspended its participation in this treaty.

Russia may have problems with nuclear weapons

According to Mocik, today Russia has huge problems with the production of weapons. As for the old atomic weapons, there is a question whether they are in working condition at all. After all, until 2014, it was Ukrainian nuclear experts who every year checked the entire nuclear arsenal of Russia. Who is doing this now is unknown.

He added that China at one time reacted harshly to Putin's nuclear threats. They emphasized that the use of atomic weapons is unacceptable in any case.

I don't think anything drastic happened. Putin just wants to bargain again – to return to the treaty, he wants to get something from the West. The most important thing for him is that they stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, Motsik believes.

Russia has suspended participation in the START

  • Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, in his speech on February 21, announced the suspension of Russia's participation in START. On February 22, the State Duma already unanimously voted for this.
  • In the UK, this decision was called rash. The country's government has already appealed and urged Putin to abandon the suspension.
  • And US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called the decision irresponsible. However, the States are ready to talk about the renewal of this agreement. Also, the US will be watching closely what “Russia is actually doing”.

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