Now in the official directory: Japan again called the Kuril Islands the territory occupied by Russians


Now in the official directory: Japan again called the Kuriles Russian-occupied territory

Japan called the Kurils illegally occupied by Russia/Getty Images

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the new edition of the diplomatic guide “The Blue Book of Diplomacy” officially called the Kuriles an illegally occupied territory. Such a statement has not been used since 2003.

Such changes appeared in the annual Blue Book of Diplomacy, which summarizes Japanese policy. This directory has been published annually since 1957.

How the dates were changed

In 2003, in the next edition of the Blue Book, the Kuriles were called illegally occupied, however, without specifying by whom. This was done against the backdrop of negotiations with Russia on a peace treaty, and the issue of the South Kuriles has not been resolved since the Second World War.

In 2011, the South Kuril Islands began to be called “the territory that is inherent in Japan.” However, after the start of a full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, the rhetoric of the Japanese government was exhausted and the country returned to the rhetoric of the illegal occupation of territories.

Statements on the occupation of the Kuriles were made by the Japanese Foreign Ministry and Prime Minister Kishida Fumio. After the statement of the latter, Russia announced that it was ending negotiations on these territories.

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