Now is the best time for “landings” – Davydyuk commented on corruption scandals


Now is the best time for "planting" - Davydyuk commented on corruption scandals

4 corruption scandals broke out in Ukraine. Corruption must be fought hard, and there will be no better time for arrests than now.

This opinion on Channel 24 was expressed by political scientist Mykola Davidyuk. The “Servant of the People” spoke about the arrests of corrupt officials

Scandal in the Ministry of Defense

Davidyuk said that scandals in the Ministry of Defense are a challenge for the minister. There is a big game in which someone has a desire to remove Zaluzhny from the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to make him Minister of Defense. However, if the minister supports corruption, the minister should be fired.

If the minister does not say who stole, what he stole, how much and with whom he shared, continues to defend them, but already ambiguous statements are definitely not in the direction of the population, then resignation is possible. Part of these oppositions is not only a message from Western partners that we start fighting, it is also an internal confrontation between groups of influence for the future Cabinet of Ministers. – noted the political scientist.

He added that a new Cabinet of Ministers is being planned for February, so he is throwing mud at each other. However, corrupt officials should be taken outside and imprisoned or sent to the front to be washed away with blood.

Scandal with Deputy Khalimon

According to the political scientist, the scandal with the purchase of an estate in Pechersk by deputy Khalimon is a deputy corps overflowing its banks. This is not the last MP. There are deputies who in Italy during the war built houses for themselves, bought Jaguars for themselves, which filled boxes with dollar cash.

“This is unpleasant, disgusting. When Ukrainians give billions of dollars every month to the war in order to there was a victory, rear rats line their pockets. The question to Khalimon will also be political – this is not just an exclusion from the faction, it is to draw up a mandate for the army. There will be a conversation about the party, because he is not the only one who did this, “said Davidyuk.

Fighting Corruption

As he noted, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Infrastructure is a glaring issue. It is necessary that new corrupt officials do not come. The positive thing is that we have started the fight against corruption. Arakhamia says that there will be “planting” in the spring.

Western partners will take this positively. Yes, Russia will throw fuel on the fire so that they do not give us help, because we have corruption. Won't work. On the contrary, we will imprison corrupt officials even more and say that we are making two wars,” the political scientist emphasized.

He continued that, on the one hand, we are fighting against an external enemy, Russian invaders on the battlefield, and on the other, against an internal enemy, corrupt officials. There will be no better moment than a war to punish corrupt officials, expose them and break the back of corruption, which is now the weakest in 30 years.

“The population needs to follow the decisions of the central government. If they imprison, then they are super-well done, if not, then very negative internal corruption processes have begun. This is all the middle link. Now we'll see, the highest link accepts and protects, whether they imprison and do it right, as they want people and as the law requires,” Davidyuk emphasized.

Davidyuk commented on corruption scandals: watch the video

Russia will scream about it

He also said that Russia, of course, will stir up this topic. However, it is more important here who will shout louder. Either they say that we are corrupt officials, or we are our “plantings”, the fight against corruption, our actions. No one talked about corruption during Yanukovych's time, but this means that it did not exist, and it is no more now than then.

It is important to kill the very desire to steal. Now we need to speak the language of “landings”. Stole – sat down. We have 4 cases, let's resolve. There will be no better time than now. Brothers and imprison, – summed up the political scientist.

Corruption scandals: latest news

  • Journalists accused the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine of fraud in the purchase of products for military. To draw any conclusions, it is necessary to thoroughly study this situation.
  • The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine detained Vasily Lozinsky, the first deputy head of the former head of the Ministry for the Development of Communities and Territories, Oleksiy Chernyshev. While he is acting in his capacity.
  • The Cabinet of Ministers dismissed Vasily Lozinsky from the post of Deputy Minister for the Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure. He was detained on a bribe.

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