Now there is a discussion of the “Istanbul communiqué” – Podolyak


Istanbul communiqué is being discussed now ;, – Podolyak

Mikhail Podolyak spoke about the negotiations/ Ukraine from the enemy on the front line, our diplomats are fighting on the diplomatic front. Currently, the “Istanbul communiqué” is being actively discussed.

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak said this on the air of a national marathon, Channel 24 reports.

According to him, , our specialists study the legal formulas prescribed there. They were proposed by the Ukrainian side so that we could reach security guarantees for Ukraine. And so that we do not repeat such escalations and military actions that Russia proposed.

In the working subgroups, legal consultants are working on the wording of the “Istanbul communiqué” to clarify these positions so that they complied with international legal norms, which should describe, among other things, the post-war period, – added the adviser to the head of the President's Office.

Russia's strategy and tactics in the negotiations remain unchanged

Podolyak noted that Russia is accustomed to working exclusively with blackmail technologies.

“They try to intimidate everyone, including Ukraine. Of course, they failed. Even after they started a full-scale war here. Talk about that we have allegedly reached a dead end is a tradition of the Russians. But this does not work in Ukraine. For Ukrainians, the value of these words is quite low,” Podolyak summed up.

Earlier, David Arakhamia said that negotiations on an agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine Others continue online. The Ukrainian side did not change its position.

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