Now we are a year or two before 1917, – a political strategist from Russia about a possible revolution


Now we are a year or two before 1917, - a political strategist from Russia about a possible revolution

Russian oppositionists emphasize that a revolutionary situation is brewing in Russia. The mobilization continues, the conscripts do not want to fight, the mothers of the mobilized are recording videos in which they turn to Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu.

Russian opposition political strategist Abbas Gallyamov noted that despite the existence of contradictions between the government and society, the revolutionary situation in Russia has not yet matured to its climax. He told Channel 24 about this.

The opposition is disappointed

He stressed that the Russian opposition is now disappointed that the Putin regime has not yet collapsed.

In the fall, when the territories in the Kharkiv and Kherson regions were de-occupied, and the invaders were defeated, it seemed that a little more and everything would explode in Russia. But it didn't explode. The situation at the front was more or less stabilized. They even try to attack, although this is not very successful. At least they don't run away,” the political strategist remarked.

According to him, the situation inside the aggressor country is also controlled so far.

“The repressions are in full swing, they are even imprisoned for a thought crime – a daughter is taken away from a father because she drew an anti-war picture at school,” he recalled.

Abbas Gallyamov on the revolutionary situation in Russia: watch the video

Sooner or later the regime will break

According to Gallyamov, in this sense, there is now a decline in revolutionary sentiment in Russia.

But all the same, in Russia there are colossal contradictions between the government and society, and this decline is temporary. And they are always followed by a rise, – the oppositionist believes.

He stressed that now in Russia there is a revolutionary situation, which was between 1905 and 1917 – approximately, as in 1915-1916.

“But sooner or later the regime will break down, because there are objective contradictions between the government and society. And they are either resolved through reforms, and Putin is not going to do them, or with the help of a revolution,” Abbas Gallyamov is sure.

What is happening in the aggressor country: latest news

  • The Russians are changing the age of conscripts, increasing it from 18 to 21 years. Military expert Nikolai Salamakha believes that Russia plans to build a system according to which, after reaching the age of 21 and graduating from a university, the guys will be immediately taken into the army. Such a plan is needed to close the need for personnel.
  • The American Institute for the Study of War drew attention to the fact that Russia is afraid of the “presidential ambitions” of Yevgeny Prigozhin. They can threaten the regime of dictator Vladimir Putin. The head of the Wagnerites himself claims that Russian soldiers bring him ammunition to Bakhmut, despite the will of the Kremlin.
  • On March 13, during a meeting with Putin, Ramzan Kadyrov was visibly nervous. Analysts say Vladimir Putin may put pressure on Kadyrov to increase the number of his fighters at the front in Ukraine against the backdrop of heavy losses of PMC “Wagner”

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