Nuclear threats allow Russians to remain confident in victory, – sociologist

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Nuclear threats allow Russians to remain confident in victory, — sociologist

Russians remain confident thanks to the Kremlin's nuclear threats to the world.

Moscow's threats to the world nuclear weapons are aimed at the leaders of the West and the citizens of Russia.

Dmitry Gromakov, a sociologist and communications expert at the International Center for Counteracting Russian Propaganda, spoke about this on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

Consumers can be divided into several basic target audiences. First of all, these are the leaders of the Western world who understand the essence of the threat of any nuclear conflict,” the expert noted.

Russian citizens perceive the Kremlin’s threats to peace as a victory.

“Until nuclear weapons are used, Russians can still afford to console themselves with the opinion that they are a condescending party, that is, they treat Ukraine condescendingly, not including the nuclear component in this conflict. As soon as it becomes clear to everyone that there will be no nuclear war in Ukraine and the use of nuclear weapons under no circumstances, then a black hole of rethinking and the collapse of the entire Russian propaganda machine, which convinced them of the indestructibility and invincibility of the Russian army, will open for the Russians,” Gromakov said. .

Let's add that experts say: Putin can use nuclear weapons if he has no other choice.

At the same time, the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson advises against believing Putin's nuclear threats.

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