Nuclear weapons against Ukraine will not use the path, but chemical weapons can: US admiral named the reason


Nuclear weapons against Ukraine will not be used, but chemical – can: US admiral named the reason

Will Putin use nuclear weapons/Channel 24 Collage

they are unlikely to decide to unleash a nuclear war, the likelihood of such a development of events is negligible. At the same time, the dictator may use chemical weapons against Ukraine.


Putin conducts nuclear blackmail

At the same time, the head of the Kremlin continues to scare the West and regularly manipulates what could start a nuclear war, according to US Admiral James Stavridis .

He noted that the United States, like Russia, is still well endowed with nuclear weapons. Of course, NATO also has a nuclear potential.

In other words, there are many nuclear weapons on both sides of the Ukrainian conflict. But there are three important factors that keep Putin from using his weapons both strategically and tactically. – the admiral remarked.

Why it is unprofitable for the Kremlin to use nuclear weapons

According to him, Putin understands that any use of nuclear weapons will lead to huge negative consequences around the world and realizes that it is not profitable for him. After all, it is necessary to maintain relations with China in order to sell oil and gas. Putin also wants to sell goods to many other countries.

Using nuclear weapons would deprive the Kremlin of support from many countries trying to maintain a narrow course between Western-backed Ukrainians and Russia. Stavridis explained.

The US Admiral also noted that the owner of the Kremlin is also deterred from using nuclear weapons by the fact that the decision may cost him too much.

Putin knows that once the border is crossed, the Western nuclear states will go on high alert, and the possibility of a retaliatory nuclear strike grows.

Another factor holding the Russian president back from using nuclear weapons is that he himself does not want to go to nuclear war. Putin understands that the risks of a tactical strike outweigh the benefits. If he wanted to, he would have hit Kyiv, Lvov and Odessa a long time ago.

However, the dictator can use chemical weapons

However, if Putin wants to do something terrible, he will choose chemical weapons, probably aiming them at one of these three urban targets.

“He has shown in Syria indifference to the use of chemical weapons by his ally, President Bashar Assad,” the admiral added.

It will simply be easier for the head of the Kremlin to lie about his “non-involvement” in the use of chemical weapons than if he had to justify himself after a nuclear strike.

Intimidation of the Kremlin with a nuclear missile : latest news

  • Threats are back in Russia. Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia is preparing for mass production of the Sarmat nuclear missile.
  • At the end of June, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the first Sarmat missile would be on combat duty by the end of 2022. To do this, the rocket must pass all the tests and be put into service. However, “Sarmat” only passed the first test launch in April, so it is doubtful that she will be taken on duty so quickly.

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