Numbers are simply amazing, – Zhdanov about weapons that partners will provide to Ukraine


The numbers are amazing, – Zhdanov about the weapons that partners will provide to Ukraine

Ukraine's partners will provide us with unprecedented military assistance. Thus, the published list of weapons practically covers the needs that Valery Zaluzhny spoke about in an interview the day before.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about this during his stream, Channel 24 informs< /strong> In his opinion, it did not work out with tanks and artillery, but it was possible to cover the need of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for armored combat vehicles by almost 2 times.

There could have been tanks more

Thus, according to the published list of weapons, Ukraine is guaranteed to receive 134 tanks, of which:

  • 14 Challenger tanks;
  • 120 T-72 tanks.

In addition, our state will receive 40 French wheeled tanks based on Bastion armored personnel carriers. That is, if they are combined, thenUkraine is guaranteed to receive 174 tanks.

How much artillery Ukraine will receive

As for cannon artillery, Ukraine will receive 126 weapons. Mostly these are self-propelled units, but there are also towed ones. These are 155-mm artillery systems, this includes:

  • AS-90 self-propelled howitzers;
  • SAU M109;
  • Zuzana;
  • Archer;
  • DANA;
  • FH70;

In addition to the military aid package also included artillery mounts of 105 mm caliber. As well as 18 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. So, to summarizeUkraine will receive 180 units of rocket and cannon artillery.

An unprecedented number of infantry fighting vehicles

As for armored combat vehicles, the numbers here are simply amazing,” Zhdanov stressed.

According to him, this assistance package provides for the provision of our state1040 armored combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers.Moreover, this figure is calculated without 138 HMMWV SUVs and Bastion armored vehicles. Ukraine will receive the following types of infantry fighting vehicles:

  • Senator armored vehicles;
  • Bradley;
  • M113 armored personnel carriers, etc.

Zhdanov commented on the new military aid package: watch the video

Air defense will be replenished with new systems

In addition, It should be noted an extensive list of air defense systems. So, as part of the new assistance, our state will receive the following air defense systems:

  • 3 Patriot batteries;
  • 6 x NASAMS batteries;
  • 3 x IRIS-T SAM batteries.

In terms of weaponry, this is an unprecedented assistance package as of today , which Ukraine will receive, – the military expert emphasized.

In his opinion, the fact that this list of weapons has already been published indicates that some of the equipment may already be in Ukraine, and some are being sent. In general, all weapons should arrive in our state within the next 2 months.

No more artillery hunger

By the way, Ukraine will also receive 1 million artillery ammunition. And that's just from the United States. This means that our artillery will not have limits on the consumption of ammunition per day.

“This is very significant – 1 million ammunition for 155-millimeter artillery. Moreover, the number of artillery barrels will be allocated for this million ammunition “, – said Zhdanov.

Fighters and long-range missiles remain

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said that our state managed to unblock the provision of almost all types of weapons by partners. In addition to combat fighters and long-range missiles.

In addition, Kuleba noted that when Ukraine unblocks the provision of long-range missiles to us, we will have a full range of weapons that the Defense Forces need to restore the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. According to the head of the Foreign Ministry, this will definitely happen.

There is optimism in the words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In confirmation of his words, Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra said that his country is ready to provide Ukraine with F-16 aircraft, a military expert said.

Thus, Amsterdam will consider providing F-16 fighter jets if Kyiv will send a corresponding request. According to Zhdanov, now it is only a matter of time.

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