Nutritionist named dangerous food combinations

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Nutritionist named dangerous food combinations

Nutritionist Elena Solomatina warned against certain combinations of products, Sputnik radio reports.

In particular, the combination of meat with potatoes or pasta causes discomfort. The specialist explained that meat is digested in the stomach and requires hydrochloric acid, but starchy foods are digested in the intestines. Therefore, this combination will cause unpleasant sensations, and primarily in people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Coffee or strong milk tea can also pose a threat to digestion, the nutritionist says. In large quantities, this combination makes digestion difficult.

The specialist also warned against the joint use of tomatoes with cucumbers, which in large quantities also cause discomfort.

American scientists previously conducted a study and found that daily consumption of avocados improves metabolism and normalizes bowel function.

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