NVIDIA to release its RTX graphics cards for laptops on Linux and Chrome OS

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NVIDIA to release its RTX graphics cards for laptops on Linux and Chrome OS

It is generally accepted that Chromebooks and laptops on Linux are quite weak graphics solutions. But things may change very soon, as NVIDIA is preparing to release its RTX graphics cards for this segment of laptop computers.

For these purposes, the manufacturer of video adapters even teamed up with MediaTek, writes Android Authority. Together they will create reference solutions that bring full RTX graphics to ARM-based laptops.

It is worth noting that it is still unknown when exactly NVIDIA will present the result of its joint work with MediaTek. What is clear is that both companies see potential in this, especially for those who like to play games and create content.

Recall that the ARM-notebooks released by Apple showed excellent performance (including graphics), especially during video editing.

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