Obviously different people, ex-KGB officer explained how Putin's doubles differ


Obviously different people, ex-KGB officer explained how Putin's doubles differ

There are many facts proving that Vladimir Putin has twins. Comparing several photos, even a non-specialist will understand that they depict different people.

This was told to Channel 24 by ex-KGB officer and Russian foreign intelligence service Sergey Zhirnov. He explained how all the doubles of the Kremlin dictator differ.

Zhirnov mentioned an investigation in which analysts put together several photos of Putin from different times.

And here you do not need to be a great intelligence officer and an observant person to understand that these are clearly different people, the speaker emphasized.

Various Putins

On February 21, 2023, during the federal assembly, Putin constantly coughed, looked haggard, and sat 50 meters from trusted deputies of the State Duma and the Federation Council, an ex-KGB officer noted.

However, a completely different Putin appeared the next day. This one had a wider face, like it swelled up in 24 hours. He has a completely different structure of the eye sockets, a different head, different wrinkles. Plus, it's a completely different voice.

Zhirnov also noticed an interesting classification of Putin's doubles. Among them there is, for example, a Kalmyk who does not look like Putin at all.

Of course, if we get together and drink a bottle of vodka, we will not be able to distinguish it, because we have not seen the real one. If we see the real one, then it is clear that they will be different people,” the expert said.

Zhirnov on the classification of Putin's doubles: watch the video

Double in “Luzhniki”

Another Putin was at the concert in Luzhniki. It was expected that all 750,000 present there should be carefully selected. However, it is known that one could get there simply by signing up at the office at the place of residence; at the entrance, documents were not even checked for spectators.

Putin then went on stage, shook hands with everyone, hugged, but his speech lasted only four minutes, they also noticed that he even barked for the first minute, Zhirnov said.

Because the double simply does not know how to talk for real, like Putin. He began to speak, but in a completely different tone. He was told to leave from there into the microphone in his ear, and he quickly left, – the speaker emphasized.

Interestingly, he later returned, probably told that the performance was short. And he talked about rather atypical things, such as family.

What is known about Putin's doubles

  • Putin is afraid to go out in public and avoids such an opportunity in any way, letting out his doubles instead of himself at the meeting. Andrey Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, spoke about this.
  • Ukrainian intelligence chief Kirill Budanov, in an interview with The Washington Post, expressed doubts about the “authenticity” of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He noted that the question of whether this is now Putin remains open.
  • Terrorist Igor Girkin explained how to distinguish a real bunker grandfather from his doubles. Girkin noted that the real Putin spent Christmas in the Kremlin church, and also receives ministers, sitting at a kilometer-long table and looking at his puppets through binoculars. In the meantime, Putin's doppelgangers “go out to the people”. They give awards and communicate.

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