Occupants announced mobilization of elderly men in Lugansk – General Staff


Occupiers in Lugansk mobilization of elderly men announced, – General Staff

Enemy mobilizes elderly men in Luhansk/Video screenshot

The Russian army suffered heavy losses as a result of the attack on Ukraine. With the replenishment of the ranks of the invaders, the enemy has enormous difficulties.

The mobilization of the reserve in Russia is experiencing a failure. Instead of thousands wishing to sign a contract in the military commissariats, only dozens of Russians sign. So the enemy is looking for alternative ways to replenish their ranks.

Mobilization of elderly men

The occupation authorities of Luhansk announced another wave of mobilization in order to replenish the units that suffered losses in battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The recruits were men under 65 years old.

Russian invaders carry out raids on utilities and factories. When men of military age are found, they forcibly send them to military registration and enlistment offices.

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