Occupants completely destroyed a large humanitarian warehouse in Nikolaev: strike video


Occupiers completely destroyed a large humanitarian warehouse in Nikolaev: video of the strike

Occupiers completely destroyed a humanitarian warehouse in Nikolaev/Collage 24 channel

Russians on July 21 fired at Nikolaev. The rockets flew into a large humanitarian depot. It was destroyed to the ground.

There were 7 missile attacks on the city. The head of the Nikolaev regional military administration, Vitaly Kim, spoke about this on the air of the telethon, channel 24 broadcasts. . 2 rockets flew there.

Thousands of tons of products intended for children and the elderly were completely burned down, Kim emphasized.

The rest of the shells damaged the gas station, a car wash and an enterprise.

In addition, the head of the OVA published a video from the moment it hit the train.

What is known about the shelling of Nikolaev

  • Russians around 03:00: 00 bombarded the city with S-300 missiles.
  • It was reported that there was 1 casualty. Fortunately, there were no fatalities.
  • In the morning, rescuers extinguished all the fires that arose as a result of shelling.

Kim added that in total, 58 strikes were made in the Nikolaev region with MLRS. In the village of Shirokoye, the Russians launched a shell into a residential building. One person died.

Pay attention! OVA plans to close Mykolaiv for entry and exit for several days. Local residents will be warned about this. Such actions are needed to “catch” collaborators.

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