Occupants force kindergarten teachers from Donetsk to go to Mariupol


Occupiers force kindergarten teachers from Donetsk to go to Mariupol

Occupiers force kindergarten teachers from Donetsk to go to Mariupol/Illustrative photo/social networks

< strong _ngcontent-sc129="">Russian invaders are forcing kindergarten workers to go to Mariupol. They do not trust the local population, and there are not enough personnel.

All heads of pre-school education institutions in the temporarily occupied Donetsk received a corresponding order. They need to select personnel who should go to work in Mariupol and neighboring settlements – Mangush, Nikolskoye, Yalta.

Occupants do not trust the locals

The invaders are afraid to trust the local population. In addition, many left for the territory controlled by Ukraine. And some people simply refused to cooperate with the invaders.

Such a transfer of personnel is connected with the distrust of the occupation administrations towards the local population. The mass departure of personnel to the territory controlled by Ukraine and the refusal of some employees to cooperate with the occupying authorities also have an effect, Ukrainian intelligence officers explain.

Interestingly, personnel from temporarily occupied Donetsk does not want to move to Mariupol. Some even threaten to quit if the corresponding order is not canceled.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also claims that a similar situation is happening in the banking sector. They are looking for personnel for banking institutions.

The Russians are massively deporting the population to the occupied territories

As of May, the invaders have taken over a million Ukrainians to the depressed regions of Russia. First, people end up in “camps”, where they are given “certificates” about passing through “filtration”. This allows movement in the temporarily occupied territories. Subsequently, these people are taken to Russia. What is done with the residents who do not pass the “filtering” is still unknown.

In some camps there are more than 20 thousand citizens. Those who do not pass the “filtering” of the invaders are taken out in an unknown direction and their fate is unknown. Those who have gone through these events are forcibly taken to Russia,” Ukrainian Ombudswoman Lyudmila Denisova said.

Now it is known that 1,185,000 Ukrainian citizens are in Russia. About 200,000 of them are children.

It is known that there are volunteers in Russia who help Ukrainians to leave through third countries. Ukraine is already working on the creation of a special commission, together with human rights commissioners from other countries, which will help the deportees leave the territory of the aggressor country.

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