Occupants in Mariupol distribute their propaganda on mobile TVs on wheels


Occupiers in Mariupol spread their propaganda on mobile TVs on wheels

Russians in Mariupol spread propaganda on mobile TVs/Video screenshot

< strong _ngcontent-sc128="">The Russians are trying in every possible way to integrate the Mariupol they destroyed into their rashist world. To do this, the enemy uses not only terror and the deportation of residents, but propaganda.

Russian infidels inflicted insane destruction on Mariupol. In their desire to capture the city, the enemy practically razed it to the ground, but even this was not enough for the Rashists.

Propaganda in Mariupol

In the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the Resists began to introduce their own rules. Passes are needed to move even between city districts, men are sent to “filtration camps”, and Russians illegally deport thousands of peaceful Ukrainians to their country and send them to the most depressed regions.

However, kafirs firmly believe that they will be able to brainwash free Ukrainians in the same way as they managed to do with their own stupid and narrow-minded people.

their lie about “improving life” through mobile televisions. For this, the equipment of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations was involved.

The cynicism of the Rashists has no limits – their propaganda sounds right against the backdrop of crazy ruins and mass graves of civilians. In addition, infidels are trying to convince people who have seen everything with their own eyes that all the crimes were committed by Ukrainian heroes.

The situation in the occupied territories: a brief summary of recent events

  • Russian infidels are increasing their forces in the hope of maintaining their positions in the temporarily occupied territories. As it became known, in Vasilyevka in Zaporozhye, the number of Rashists already exceeds the number of the local population.
  • Heroic partisans in Kherson managed to blow up collaborator Andrei Shevchik. The Rashists immediately rushed to look for who did it, but all their strength ended in a fiasco. Rashists are very afraid of the partisans – and inflict losses on them and vividly demonstrate that infidels and their apostates in Ukraine are waiting for death, even on the land that they consider to be under their control. The partisans in Melitopol also dealt an effective blow to the enemy – they cut off the rashists in the supply of weapons.

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