Occupants reduced the number of offensives and attacks in the direction of Belogorovka – Gaidai


Occupiers have reduced the number of offensives and attacks in the direction of Belogorovka, – Gaidai

As of January 24, the situation in the Lugansk region is difficult, but completely controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Our defenders are powerfully rebuffing the Russian occupiers.

This was announced by the head of the Lugansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai on the air of the national telethon, Channel 24 informs.According to him, now the occupiers have reduced the number of offensives in one of the directions.

What is the situation in the Luhansk region

As Gaidai said, in the direction of Belogorivka, there is now a decrease in the number of attacks by invaders and an attempt to attack Ukrainian positions. However, shelling continues – both from artillery and from tanks.

I hope that the decrease in attacks is the result of the fact that the invaders sent their soldiers to capture Soledar, and they need a reserve , – said the head of the region.

Heavy battles also continue in the Svatovsky and Kremensky directions. According to Gaidai, sometimes in battles the invaders use paratroopers, who, after the defeat, flee from the battlefield.

The front line is approaching Kremennaya

The day before Gaidai said that the fighting continues near Kremennaya. The Ukrainian defenders are gradually advancing, the front line is approaching the city.

“The Russians are sending prisoners to attack even through minefields. The invaders are throwing additional reserves there, because they understand that the front line is approaching Kremennaya,” the head said. region.

According to him, the invaders leave on the battlefield even dead military personnel, not to mention the “Wagnerites”.

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