Occupiers again tried to advance on Zaporozhye, but failed – General Staff


Occupiers again tried to attack Zaporozhye, but failed, – General Staff

Russian invaders continue to die ingloriously in Ukraine. Over the past two days, the enemies have tried to launch an offensive against Zaporozhye, but everything ended in failure and heavy losses for them.

During January 20-21, Russian forces carried out offensive operations in the Zaporozhye direction near Maly Shcherbakov. However, they failed to achieve their goal.

During the offensive, the Russians lost a lot of forces and equipment

According to updated data, as a result of a military clash with units During the offensive of the Russian invaders near Maly Shcherbakov, the losses of Russians on January 20 and 21 amounted to more than 50 people, 16 of them were irretrievable.

In addition, 9 pieces of weapons and military equipment of various types were destroyed: a tank, 6 units of infantry fighting vehicles and armored car “Tiger”. 4 more units were damaged.

Is a large-scale offensive possible in the Zaporozhye region

  • Colonel, head of the joint press center of the Defense Forces of the Tauride direction Yevgeny Yerin said earlier that more active actions should be ruled out in the Zaporozhye region, it is impossible, because Russia has gathered certain forces.
  • Now the Russians are shelling along the entire line of confrontation, and in some sectors of the front, small groups are trying to carry out assault assault attacks in order to test the Ukrainian defense on the spot.
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  • Also, the invaders increased their supplies from the temporarily occupied Crimea.

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