Occupiers at the front talk about full mobilization in Russia: GUR interception


Occupiers at the front talk about full mobilization in Russia: GUR interception

The Russian invaders complain to their relatives about the plans of the command and the complete understaffing of personnel. They warn of a new wave of mobilization in Russia.

In yet another conversation intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence, the Russian invaders share rumors that a general mobilization is expected in Russia. In particular, the invader complains that in their army, a week after being wounded, they are again sent to the front line.

The occupiers again complain about the command

The invader spoke out about the orders of his commanders. “Let's dig in first, and then we'll go on the attack,” he points out to such instructions.

According to him, one of the generals did not expect that the newly mobilized were in one of the positions, and thought that they were contract soldiers. He also says that there should have been photo Easter, air defense and the like, but “there is nothing but a shovel.”

The occupier spoke about the flight of the Russians from two positions, about the lack of people, equipment and weapons, but at the same time the Russian command is trying to send the Russians to attack.

One company is ready – 30 people. And the rest – no. They thump, the locals poisoned them there, – the occupier complained.

What is known about the “new” mobilization in Russia

  • Alexey Reznikov issued a New Year's address to the citizens of Russia liable for military service.
  • The defense minister said that in early January, the Russian authorities plan to close the borders for men, declare martial law and start another wave of mobilization.
  • He noted that the borders will also be closed in Belarus. The Minister of Defense of Ukraine understands that most Russians will not take his word for it. However, he recalled that the Russian authorities and pro-Kremlin propagandists have repeatedly lied to their citizens.
  • Reznikov stressed that all Russian citizens will pay for the unleashed war and will be forced to compensate for the damage caused to Ukraine within several generations. It will inevitably happen. But there is a big difference – those who did not participate in war crimes will lose some of the funds and comfort. Only war criminals will be put on trial. This is something that the Kremlin does not talk about in its addresses.

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