Occupiers began to transfer Kadyrovtsy to Zaporozhye region: APU will let them “light up”


The invaders began to transfer Kadyrovtsy to the Zaporozhye region: the Armed Forces of Ukraine will give them a

Kadyrovtsy arrived in Zaporozhye region/Channel 24 collage

The Ukrainian military is gradually pushing the enemy back from Zaporozhye region. The invaders want to strengthen their position with the Kadyrovites.


A correspondent from the Zaporozhye region told about this for Channel 24. He noted that the Ukrainian defenders are ready to fight back.

“There is information that there is a movement of Russian troops from Mariupol towards the Zaporozhye region. We know that the Russians are transferring units from the Donetsk direction to Kherson region. They are afraid not to control the situation,” the journalist said.

Possible aggravation

According to the correspondent, the invaders are moving troops not only from the Donetsk region, but also from the Crimea. Perhaps they will be drawn into the battle for the Kherson region, which is approaching.

“However, it is possible that this mass of troops may try to go to Krivoy Rog and Zaporozhye. There is such a danger. Our army men are already in the coming days, hardly anything will happen, but after August 5 or 6, an aggravation is possible,” the correspondent noted.

Defenders waiting for tiktok troops

The journalist said that military expert Konstantin Mashovets reports about the transfer of Kadyrovites to the Zaporozhye region. They are deployed near Vasilievka. We are talking about the 358th operational battalion and the 96th regiment of the National Guard.

According to the correspondent, these units have very dubious combat experience. However, they were noted in the creation of videos for tiktok in the robbery of the local population.

That is, our guys are very motivated by these powdered “heroes of the Caucasus”. Appeared with due effect the appearance of units here at the front. I think that very soon they will be given a “light”. If, of course, they are going to fight, and not just to create videos, the correspondent added.

Traitors of the Caucasus

The founder and commander of the Georgian National Legion Mamuka Mamulashvili called the Kadyrovites people who betrayed their country. They are promoting themselves at the cost of the deaths of other soldiers from the Russian Army.

Pay attention to what will happen to the Kadyrovites in the Zaporozhye region: watch the video

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