Occupiers brought people to “victory-madness” rally and set off fireworks, – Mayor of Melitopol


Occupiers brought people to the rally "victory" and launched fireworks, – Mayor of Melitopol

On May 9, the invaders held a rally in Melitopol and launched fireworks/Collage of 24 channels

The mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, said that people were brought to the city to the rally of “victory-madness” on May 9 by buses. And at the end of the “celebration” the invaders also cynically set off fireworks.

Ivan Fedorov told about this on the air of the telethon. According to him, infidels continue to make a television picture to show in the propaganda media, Channel 24 reports.

People were brought from the occupied Crimea

The mayor of Melitopol emphasized that the Russian invaders organized this “victory talk” rally for the bright picture that the propaganda media would show. And it was not at all a holiday for the local residents.

He added that most of those present were not Melitopol residents. Since May 8, Russian invaders have been bringing people from the occupied Crimean peninsula by bus. And it was they who participated in the “victory conversation” rally. Moreover, everyone was passed through a metal detector.

Infidels also blocked access roads to Melitopol. This is done so that no one can enter the city. As for the two Gauleiters, who call themselves pseudo-authorities, they, according to Fedorov, have nothing to do with the locals. They laid flowers separately. And this despite the fact that people were already brought for the rally.

They arranged festive fireworks in three districts of Melitopol. This is a special cynicism during the war. People are afraid of shelling, which are heard daily, they are afraid of explosions. And these fools also made fireworks on May 9, Fedorov emphasized.

During the rally, a microphone was opened. So everyone who was at this “celebration” could speak. In the evening, an imported ensemble performed. Ivan Fedorov stressed that he was imported, because none of the local residents wanted to participate in this “victorious” event.

We note that the Russian military in Melitopol behave in the same way as the NKVD once did. Infidels occupy apartments from which Ukrainians left. And the invaders are doing everything to keep the city hungry. To do this, they steal grain from elevators, as well as farms.

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