Occupiers collect personal data of Kherson residents in exchange for “lifting” 10 thousand rubles


Occupiers collect personal data of Kherson residents in exchange for

Occupiers distribute rubles in exchange for personal data of Kherson region residents/Collage of 24 channels

Russian invaders continue to prepare for the so-called “referenda” in the temporarily occupied territories of the South of Ukraine. The enemy is trying to bribe them to collect personal data of local residents.


This was told in the construction of the operational command “South” as of 16:00 on August 9. Earlier, President Volodymyr Zelensky threatened the invaders and traitors with the consequences of organizing such criminal pseudo-voting. In the territories of the Kherson region, the occupying so-called “authority” continues to collect personal information and passport data of local residents. This is happening in preparation for the so-called “referendum”.

For this purpose, the number of “humanitarian aid” points has been increased; strong> to different categories of the population, but on a mandatory condition – exchange for personal data, – says the construction of OK “South”.

The current situation in the South of Ukraine on August 9

In general, the situation in region remains stably tense. The enemy continues to hold the occupied defense lines, and no significant changes in the composition and disposition of Russian infidels have been recorded. The enemy prefers counter-battery tactics and targeted air strikes.

On the night of August 9, the Russians once again shelled Nikopol with about 80 shells from Grad multiple launch rocket systems. In addition, the enemy drove “Hurricanes” to the households of the inhabitants of Bereznegovatoe.

At the same time, Ukrainian rocket and artillery units managed to eliminate at least 7 Russian infidels and MLRS “Grad” of the enemy in the Kherson region . On this, as well as on the Berislav region, our defenders and defenders struck at two command posts Russians – the results are yet to be found out.

By the way, the naval grouping of infidels continues to maneuver in remote areas of the Black Sea, at the ready of the enemy – 2 missile carriers with 16 missiles of the Caliber type and 1 large landing ship.

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