Occupiers force conscripts to participate in the war: investigators cite evidence


Occupiers force conscripts to participate in the war: investigators bring evidence

Occupiers force conscripts to participate in the war/Russian Mass Media

Russia continues to send conscripts to the war against Ukraine. Investigators from The Insider and Bellingcat found that the occupiers force conscripts to sign contracts.


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Investigators have collected testimonies of relatives and friends of Russian conscripts about how they are forced to conclude contracts by threats and force. The Russian family is desperately asking for help.

“My son, Vremennaya Daniil Igorevich, who is serving in the 254th motorized rifle regiment, military unit 91704, is forcibly forced to sign a contract. Please help me,” the investigators complained .

Another testimonial from relatives confirms that Russia is sending ordinary conscripts to the war against Ukraine. Occupiers threaten to force people to sign contracts.

My son, an ordinary conscript, was first sent to Ukraine and then taken out of its territory. Upon arrival, the conscripts were interviewed so that they would say that they signed the contract with their own hands before being sent to the special operation. I turned to the hotline of the Russian Ministry of Defense for clarification. A few hours after that, the son said that they were called to the headquarters and threatened that they would be sent back to the war zone, the man complained on condition of anonymity.

According to another testimony, the Russian occupiers even forge the signatures of those conscripts, who refused to sign a contract.

“My son served in the Belgorod region, he has not been in contact since February 20. I have information that the commander does not release conscripts, threatens to desertion. Everyone in the military unit knows about this, they forced the children to sign, the refused contracts forged the signature,” – according to the testimony.

According to the investigators of The Insider and Bellingcat, there are many cases when the occupiers forge documents.

In February, my conscripted son reported, that he was “voluntarily forcibly” forced to sign a report for the duration of the exercises in the fields in the city of Kursk. He did not sign any contract, but, apparently, this report was issued for him, – close conscripts complain.

Investigators note that the treatment of those mobilized in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions is even worse. Such military men without equipment are thrown to the front line.

“I have a citizen of the “DPR”, who has the citizenship of the Russian Federation. Previously, he did not serve in the army and there is no military training at all. At the end of February, he was mobilized to participate in “special operations”. At that time they were without elementary supplies, they slept in the forest without tents. There is not enough food for everyone and there is very little water, they collected snow in the forest and drowned. They put them to fight on the first line with one horn in the machine gun, “says in the message.

Russia's insane losses

  • Russia has not yet announced a general mobilization, but is conducting it secretly. the Russian military-political leadership is forced to do this because of the insane losses in the war against Ukraine.
  • On the morning of August 11, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published the estimated losses of the Russian army in the war against Ukraine. According to these data, 43,000 Russian soldiers have already died in Ukraine.

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