Occupiers issue Russian passports in Kherson, but only 23 owners were able to “draw”


Occupiers issue passports to Russia in Kherson, but were able to

Russians issue their passports in the occupied territories

Russia is behaving in the occupied territories of Ukraine in 2022 in the same way as it did before in 2014 – handing out its passports.

This decision of the infidels is quite conscious. After all, after that they will convince the world that they “came to defend their people”, showing them the same faces who agreed to take the Russian “Ausweiss”. Although this decision is not always voluntary – sometimes it is impossible to survive in the occupied territories in the literal sense of the word without a Russian “paper”.

So it was in 2014, when forced passportization was carried out in Crimea. Russian passports were issued to all residents of the peninsula, even without their consent. Some time later, Russian passports were also issued in the occupied part of Donbass. In Ukraine, this process was called “forced Russification”.

In 2022, passports are now being issued in the occupied territories of Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. To do this, the Russian dictator even signed a special “law” simplifying the “procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship.”

The first Russian passports began to be issued to residents of the occupied Zaporozhye and Kherson on June 11. Gauleiter of the Zaporozhye region Vladimir Rogov said that 70,000 people decided to get a Russian passport. But how many of them actually received is unknown, the propagandists decided to keep silent about it.

But Kherson can be cited as an example. Here also infidels announced the issuance of Russian passports. And propagandists filmed a video about “queues of Ukrainians wishing to obtain Russian citizenship.” Traditionally, this turned out to be a fake – they passed off people standing in line for humanitarian assistance as “passport queues”.

It is not surprising that only 23 people came to Kherson on the first day to get a Russian passport. This is in a city where about 280 thousand people lived before the start of the war.

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