Occupiers may interfere with Ukraine's mobile communications, – Center for Combating Disinformation


Occupiers can interfere with the mobile communications of Ukraine, – Counter-Disinformation Center

Kafirs can listen to the mobile phones of Ukrainians/Shutterstock

The Center for Counteracting Disinformation, functioning under the National Security and Defense Council, warns that the enemy can interfere with the work of mobile communications. The fact is that the infidels have gained access to cellular equipment in the occupied territories.

This may be due to the so-called “parallel” forwarding. Thanks to this function, a call can go simultaneously to two numbers – a direct subscriber and someone else's number.

Infidels can eavesdrop on Ukrainians' mobile phones

In order to protect themselves and those close to them from such situations, the Center for Combating Disinformation urges them to check their numbers for call forwarding. This can be done using special service codes that are universal and suitable for literally everyone:

  • #21# call – check information about enabled forwarding;< /li>
  • *#43# call – status of the call waiting service;
  • *#62# call – check forwarding to another number;
  • *#33# call – displays the status of blocking outgoing services: calls , SMS, and data;
  • ##002# call – delete all call forwards.

The Counter Misinformation Center adds that for confidential conversations, it is better to use instant messengers, where the secure encryption option is available.

More news from the Center for Counteracting Disinformation:

  • At the end of April, the CPD compiled a list of fakes, disinformation stuffing and manipulations created by Kremlin mercenaries. Among the most notorious are the “annexation” of part of the Ukrainian lands to Poland and the kidnapping of priests;
  • Specialists also reported that Russia continues to use ex-military personnel from the United States to spread its misinformation in the West. Including about Ukraine. We are talking about the American ex-officer of the American army, David Payne. He has been cooperating with the Kremlin for many years.
  • Another propaganda telegram channel was discovered at the CPI. The account is spreading misinformation. And we are talking about Gossip Girl telegrams, which publish fakes about the political situation in Ukraine and the war on an ongoing basis.
  • The enemy is also actively spreading fakes about forced mobilization in Ukraine. This is happening in the temporarily occupied territories. Thus, the invaders are trying to convince the Ukrainians that the APU has huge losses.

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