Occupiers mercilessly shell Kharkov: what is the situation there


Occupiers are shelling Kharkiv mercilessly: what is the situation there

The police work in the Kharkiv region/National Police

The Russians are attacking Kharkov continuously. According to preliminary data, 4 people were injured over the past day.

As a result of enemy shelling, 16 fires broke out. The situation for the day on June 23 was reported in the National Police and the State Emergency Service, Channel 24 reports.

4 people were injured

During the day on June 23, rescuers made 29 operational trips, of which:

  • for the elimination of fires – 18, among them – caused by shelling – 16,
  • for emergency rescue operations – 2;
  • to help public utilities – 2;
  • to provide assistance to police officers – 3.

Most of the fires due to shelling occurred in the Chuguevsky, Izyumsky and Kharkov regions of the region. Private houses, outbuildings, cars, office buildings, etc. caught fire.

On the morning of June 23, fifty wooden sheds, 4 garages and a car in Balakliya immediately caught fire. Fortunately, there were no casualties. The fire was extinguished.

An enemy shell also hit a private house in Chuguev. As a result, 4 people were injured.

The village of Tsirkuny came under shelling around 20:00. There were 3 fires at the same time. Two-story houses on a total area of ​​850 square meters caught fire.

In the evening, an enemy shell hit a private courtyard in Dergachi. The garage, summer kitchen, outbuilding and 2 cars were on fire. The fire was put out at night.

Pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Service neutralized 11 Russian ammunition during the day.

On the night of June 24, a Russian rocket hit one of the sports facilities in the Kievsky district of Kharkov. There was a fire. According to preliminary data, no one was hurt.

The police detained traitors, thieves and a marauder

Over the past day, 8 people who could be involved in cooperation with the Russian occupiers were brought to the police departments.< /p>

Law enforcement officers also detained a looter in Kharkov who stole their property from the office of a private company. The police also found a woman who had torn off a gold chain from a man's neck in the market. Another man was caught stealing from a supermarket. Verification continues.

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