Occupiers need to be put in bags: the US embassy celebrated World Recycling Day funny


Occupiers need to be put in bags: the US embassy celebrated World Recycling Day funny

March 18th is World Recycling Day. The US Embassy in Ukraine decided to celebrate this day in an original way.

World Recycling Day, the US Embassy released a themed image. Thus, diplomats compared the Russian army to waste.

Recycling Day and the Russian Army

On this day, the US Embassy in Ukraine urged everyone to think about what each of us can do to reduce waste and reuse certain items. The diplomats attached to the message a poster showing a Ukrainian tractor pulling a Russian tank, a legendary episode from the early days of a full-scale war.

As we celebrate World Recycling Day, let's reflect on what we can do to reduce waste, reuse items and restore the health of our planet. – the message says.

Creative poster of the American Embassy / Photo of the US Embassy in Ukraine

Help . World Recycling Day was introduced in 2018 to raise awareness not only about the importance of recycling, but also about how valuable waste really is as a resource. The point is that governments should treat waste as recyclable, not garbage.

Russian propaganda is horror

The US Embassy in Ukraine loves trolling Russians and did this before the full-scale Russian invasion, when the terrorist country waged war against us in the Donbas. For example, in October 2021 in Hellowyn on the embassy page. there is a creative video.

The video shows a typical morning of embassy workers: people come to work, drink coffee, chat with colleagues. True, each of them is dressed in themed costumes. The protagonist of the video is a man in an eagle costume.

He enters the embassy building, greets his colleagues in the costumes of a witch and an astronaut. Takes coffee from a nice lady with a knife in her head. Then he goes to the office of a man who dressed in a costume of a terrible monster. Orel gives him a report on Russian disinformation. In response to this monster says “Oh, horror!”.

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