Occupiers send tens of thousands mobilized to storm Bakhmut – Pentagon


Occupiers send tens of thousands mobilized to storm Bakhmut, – Pentagon

Russia is ready to encircle Bakhmut at any cost. So she throws tens of thousands of mobilized to storm the city. This is emphasized in the Pentagon.

The corresponding thesis was voiced by a high-ranking US military official, Jack Detch, a reporter for the American edition of Foreign Policy, quotes him. This behavior of the enemy shows that losses on the battlefield do not frighten him in any way. In this case, the main thing is to achieve the goal.

Poorly equipped, but thrown into battle

Russia sends tens of thousands of military mobilized to strengthen positions in Ukraine, weakened by fighting in Bakhmut, the official said.

Since the enemy sends tens of thousands of positions mobilized to strengthen, this indicates only one thing: he could throw the same amount on Bakhmut himself. Especially when you consider that both the mobilized themselves and the Wagnerites were sent to storm it, who literally died in the hundreds.

Detsch added that the United States considers the newly minted troops of the aggressor country. “poorly equipped, poorly trained and abandoned on the battlefield”.

What is the situation near Bakhmut now

  • Military expert Petr Chernik noted that the situation at the front for Russian soldiers is not too optimistic. They have not been able to capture Bakhmut for some month now. And this city is an important point for them. It is necessary for fire control of the Debaltsevo railway track.
  • Military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Shvaika stressed that difficult battles were taking place in the Bakhmut area. Yes, the Defense Forces are holding the enemy back. However, it should be understood that this is not so easy to do. And it will be difficult for us until we can launch a counteroffensive and drive off the invaders.
  • Let us recall that the enemy does not abandon attempts to attack in the Bakhmut and Avdeevsky directions. And the insane losses that he suffers do not stop him.
  • In conclusion, let us recall the words of military expert Roman Svitan. He explained why Bakhmut is easier to defend than to attack him. According to him, the area of ​​the city, as well as the left bank of the Bakhmutka River, is a good frontier. So no one is going to give it up. In addition, “skyscrapers” are much more convenient to hold on the defensive.

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