OCR and the new FaceTime: the four most exciting features of the iOS 15 operating system

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OCR and the new FaceTime: the four most exciting features of the iOS 15 operating system

Apple's new operating system iOS 15 has many services that set it apart from other operating systems. Igor Vedeneev, developer of mobile applications for digital-company AGIMA, analyzed four of the most interesting platform functions for kp.ru.

First is the Live Text function, which allows you to recognize text, art, books, animals and much more from the camera and photos in real time. According to Vedeneev, this service in the future may replace QR codes used to interact with outdoor advertising.

The mobile developer also noted the FaceTime function, with the help of which several users will be able to conduct an audio or video conversation at once. In this case, the link to the call will also be valid for users of smartphones with other operating systems. As the expert noted, in the coronavirus pandemic, this function is relevant and will allow attracting new users to Apple products.

The third important service of the new platform is the Focus artificial intelligence function, which adjusts the gadget to the needs of its owner. Thanks to Focus, the smartphone will be able to determine the user's location or show a group of notifications based on the location, as well as send a message to the interlocutors asking them not to disturb. The function will allow you not to be distracted by personal problems while doing an important matter, notes Vedeneev.

Finally, the developer AGIMA has highlighted the Privacy service, which makes it possible to hide your location or create spoofed email addresses. Such a function is useful for those who, for example, do not want to clog their main mail with unnecessary letters, but need to leave their email somewhere, the expert said.

As the website kp.ru wrote, the day before Apple introduced a new version of its operating system for smartphones iOS 15 with many new changes. Open beta testing of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 will start in June this year, and the release of new versions is expected in September 2021.

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